This ain’t no place for a hero

Borderlands 2 is one of the best games ever.

Why you ask ? Simply because the game is so well made. First of all, Pandora, the setting of the game is huge and diverse . Don’t believe me ? Just take a look :

Look ma ! No hands ! 

I don’t think Santa’s here…

Is this Springfield’s nuclear power plant ?

Each section of Pandora has a large about of detail and care given into it.  And what’s even better? You are able to free roam throughout all of  it and enjoy the scenery  at your own pace.

 The setting is nice and all but what would a video game be if it didn’t have its protagonists ? Unlike most first person shooters where you are basically given a single character to use, Borderlands 2 allows you to choose 4 unique and quirky characters to be your instrument of death (not including the 2 DLC characters).

It’s time to chew gum and kick butt. And we’re all out of gum.

Each character have their own different strengthens and weakness as well as a special ability. In addition, they all have their own personality and backgrounds, thus setting them apart from each other even more . To make sure you survive the dangerous lands of Pandora you can upgrade your character through a skill tree to become the ultimate killing machine while customizing them to look they way you see fit. The amount of engagement you can put into your character is splendid.

” You talkin’ to me ? “

As much as how awesome the protagonists are, every protagonist needs an antagonists to keep things spicy. You don’t have to look any further than Handsome Jack. Unlike where most antagonists who stay quite or you don’t meet them until the end of the game, Handsome Jack is always there, insulting you , taunting you and annoying you. This makes the game very amusing and actually kinda gives you (the player) a reason to fight to where he is and shut him up.

“I’m rackin’ my brain trying to think of a name for that diamond-pony i bought. I was gonna’ call it ‘piss-for-brains’ in honor of you, but that just feels immature. Maybe… ‘Butt-Stallion’? Nah that’s even worse. I tell ya’ what though, i’ll give it some more thought.” -Handsome Jack ( This is from the actual game. I’m not making this up. He’s that rude.)

However, before you can actually wring your hands around Jack’s neck, you have to face through the dangerous lands of Pandora first. Why is it dangerous you ask ?  There are bandits, beasts, and robots roaming everywhere and they’re out for your blood, There is such a large amount of unique enemies that fill up the world that Pandora  that it’ll take a long time before the fighting gets stale.( Let’s not forget the ‘upgraded’ enemies who are basically pumped up versions of their comrades to keep you on your tippy-toes )

Are you telling me that this is just a small clip from the actual poster of all the enemies ? Oh my….

Do you know what a lot of enemies mean ? A lot of guns needed to dispose of all these baddies. Have no fear, for Borderlands 2 provides these needs with 6 types of guns ( pistols, sub-machine guns, etc.) and 8 gun manufacturers.  The 8 gun manufacturers give a real twist on the combat for each manufacturer have their own specialty that drastically changes the guns and thus the strategy of a battle . For example, Tediore guns are disposable. Instead of reloading and re-using the gun, the gun must be thrown away for it will explode like a grenade.  Another example would be the Bandit guns. Bandit guns have a large large magazine( meaning that you can shoot longer before you have to reload) but have very low stats ( such as long reloads and low damage). In addition,  Borderlands 2 uses a procedural algorithm that combines parts  to create a large amount of guns that differ from one another.

Where am I suppose to keep all of this !? 

As you can see, Borderlands 2 is already a jam-packed first person shooter.  However,it’d get really bland if all you do is go after Jack right ? Don’t worry ! Besides from just going after Jack you actually have ‘friends’ who have tasks for you to do with rewards! That way, you can take a break from the main quest and go explore the various places the side missions send you to and live through the mini-stories that each side mission holds. In addition, many of the side missions have some quirky humor inserted into it to keep you amused ( and distract you from how bleak, depressing and horrible Pandora can be). Oh, did I also mention that these ‘friends’ are not just any other regular npc that you’ll quickly forget after completing the mission but actual memorable, interesting side characters that actually stand apart from one another? Just take a look :

This must be the next old spice man.

That’s not Siri.

Hey !  You’re from the first game ! Whatcha doing here !?

All of this is great and all but what really takes the bakery is its multi-player. I’m not talking  about the generic multi-player of first person shooters where basically you going into teams and shoot each other for laughs. The multi-player of Borderlands 2 allows you and up to three other friends to travel through out Pandora together as you hunt down for Jack. ( Did I mention that besides the online multi-player there’s actual local co-op so you and your bud can sit on the couch together and play ? ) It’s a very refreshing change and actually gives you a desire to work together. ( Unlike the generic fps multi-player where its more like every man for himself even if it’s a team based event). Because of each character having their own special ability ( as mentioned earlier) you and your friends can form strategies to defeat even the most dangerous of enemies.

A real friend would shoot some bandits who are charging at you while you use your magical powers to trap a thing into an alter-dimension bubble. Like a real friend.

These are the reasons why I think Borderlands 2 is one of the best games out there.  From a beautiful world to explore in, to unique and memorable characters, to diversity of weapons to engaging multi-player, it’s a very appealing game. You may disagree but in my opinion Borderlands 2 rocks.

Fun for the whole family !

( Please don’t take this as a review. It’s more of a little silly post on why I like the game. If you’re looking for a post about the strengths and weaknesses of the game to see if you should buy the game, I think that might be on the other side of the internet)

The pictures do not belong to me. They belong to their respective owners.

Borderlands 2 belongs to 2K Games.

The only thing that belongs to me is the writing( besides the 3 quotes ) and my opinion on Borderlands 2.


Dear Fellow Bloggers, * week 3*


Sorry for being so inactive this week ! I fought another round of boxing with school and it knocked out three of my teeth. Other then that , I think I’m fine .

Oh come on ! I don’t remember it being that bad!


Hmmm… then again, I don’t remember what year this is now . I guess you can say… I got schooled.

This week I read ” Antigone” in class , and after reading it got me thinking . Are you a good person for helping your family even if it means going against the law or are you a good person by not helping your family but instead following the law. Antigone and her sister Ismene demonstrate the two sides of this argument. Antigone represents the ‘help the family out’ side and Ismene representing ‘ following the rules’ side. Antigone argues with her sister that they should go against the law and bury their brother while Ismene argues that they shouldn’t and instead follow the law.  Whose’s the ‘good guy’ in this argument? In my opinion, no one is . Why you ask ? Well, let’s take a closer look at both of the girl’s side.

From what ” Oedipus at Colonus” has shown us, Antigone values family very much. She had stayed with Oedipus for a long amount of time to take care of him until his death, and when she met Ismene and Polynices , she was overjoyed and spoke in a very kind and loving manner to both of them. Even when Oedipus was overcome with bitterness and hatred towards  Polynices’ treachery, never once did Antigone ever thought negatively about her brother, almost to the point where it appeared that she’s not even aware of what he did to their own father. Yet in ” Antigone” when her dear sister Ismene refuses to help bury Polynices , we see a new side of Antigone. She becomes scornful and bitter to her own sister for not wanting to help bury Polynices, which seems quite out of character for her , regarding that she was still very kind and loving towards him, even thought he had forsaken Oedipus and left him to live the life as an exile.( In my opinion, Ismene and Polynices did very similar actions but got different reactions from Antigone. They both refused to ‘give love’ towards a family member in their time of need because they were following the law, but while Antigone adored Polynices to the end even thought he did noting against Oedipus’ exile nor help him during his banishment , she openly scorned Ismene for not wanting to help bury their brother. Does she have something against her sister ? Who knows). Overall, her morals are based off the concept of being a good daughter and sister. Does this make her a good family member ? Of course ! But does this make her a good member of society ? Not really… Just think about if. If Polynices or Oedipus had been a dangerous criminal instead and she decided to help them because they’re her family, is she really doing a good deed? By protecting them, she’s endangering the lives of other people for it allows them to have a greater leeway do what they please.

Ismene on the hand, values family as well but not to such a degree in where she will harm herself for her family. From what they gave us in ” Oedipus at Colonus”, Ismene was off doing her own thing in Thebes but when she heard about the prophecy about her father,she rode to Colonus to give him the news personally. This shows that she does care about her family and isn’t as heartless as Antigone views her. However, there’s a fine, fine line on how far she will go for her family. Even thought she loves her family, she isn’t willing to do things that will harm her in the process. When Antigone asks her to help bury Polynices, Ismene recognizes the authority of the law, and the consequences of breaking itto bury her brother, so she refuses . Yet, she isn’t  ‘selfish’ as Antigone thinks she is. Ismene frantically tries to persuade Antigone not to act out her plan, fearing greatly for her sister’s well-being.  Overall, it is clear that Ismene is not one to flirt with danger, instead playing it safe even if it means abandoning love ones. Does this make her a good family member ? Of course not. She’s puts herself first before her family, making sure that she’s going to be safe before acting. But does this make her a good member of society ? Yes, indeed. Let’s think about that previous example about Polynices being a dangerous criminal again. Because Ismene is refusing to help him, she hinders his ‘process’ and makes it harder for him to reach his diabolical goals. In a way, by refusing to aid him, she is protecting the lives of other people for it limits his ‘free time’ to plan and act.

In the end, both girls are both heroes and villains of the story, depending on your view on them .  Basing your opinion off on your morals, you might view one sister as the more honorable one because you sympathize with them more easily .It really just depends on how you feel about their mind-set.

From your Faithful Student,

-Mouse Spark