Fencing with Narwhales

Looking for something fun to play with friends and family that’s exotic and new ? Well check out ” Starwhal : Just the Tip “! It’s a very fun co–op game that revolves around guiding your narwhal to pierce the heart of your arch-enemy. ┬áDespite how dark this sounds , it’s quite colorful and cheerful and there isn’t any blood or gore. To play, just download the unity game engine and you’re off !

( this game doesn’t belong to me btw)



Yesterday I found this hilarious video of this man dressed up as Obama dancing a ‘victory dance’. I found it very amusing for the choreography was very energetic and the song was upbeat. The person who was dancing as Obama was Nathan Barnatt while the person who was dancing as Michelle Obama was Angela Trimbur. It is a fun video, and I suggest that you check it out if you’re in for some laughs.
(( the video does not belong to me by the way. It belongs to Natahn Barnatt))