What does the earworm say ?


I had only heard the song “The fox” by Ylvis yesterday and now I can’t stop thinking about the song . The whole song is so catchy even though the song doesn’t appear to be very  meaningful. I feel that the lack of meaning( or clear meaning) in the song can be forgiven for the song appears to be made more for the fun of it then to promote a certain emotion/message. Basically, ” The fox” is just a song made to make you smile and laugh because of how funny and silly it is instead of trying to send some kind of message to you. What I especially  liked about the music video is the old man reading to the child.  From my perspective, it appears that the singer is remembering the old days when he was younger and his grandfather would read to him. It’s most noticeable when the singer makes the ‘fox noises’ and the old man lip sync along as if he was making the noises himself. I just find it very quirky and touching that the song might be about childhood memories .