CHARGE !!!! ….. RETREAT !!!!


Of course not . Everybody is judging you right now. Might as well just stay in the box.

Hello again everybody ! I have risen back from the dead to create this post because I have decided that this is enough neglect. ( More like I found some inspiration to write. Aka to whine about life). So what have i decided to rant write about today ? My cowardliness.

“Oh my ! You exclaimed, rolling your [INSERT EYE COLOR HERE] eyes.  ” Poor you !”

Well, I thank you for being sincere .

” I wasn-“ you began .

You’re too kind. Now, where was I ? Oh yes, my cowardliness. It’s like a leash that keeps yanking me away from the things I wanna do .

 “Uh.. yeah, that’s great and all but what’s with the pic ?” you asked, with a raised eyebrow.

Simple [INSERT NAME HERE]. It is the most beautiful metaphor/simile ever.

“….. are you hi-“ you grumbled.

Of course not. I’m just deranged. Now let’s imagine this : My classmates are cats, I am a cat. My teacher is a human.  All of us are to climb out of the box were are kept in and  catch a mouse. Our performance shall be monitor by the human. Those who perform well shall be kept. Those who perform badly shall be thrown in the river.

“……. what am I even reading ?” you grumbled in disbelief.

[ A. In disgust from reading about cats being thrown into a river you exit the tab]

[B. Slightly disturbed by what you just read, you are tempted to exit the tab but is still curious enough to keep reading]

[C. Overridden with boredom you decide to read on, seeing as you have noting better to do at the current moment]

If you have chosen choice B or choice C, then congratulations,you have stayed . If you have chosen choice A then why are you still reading this !? LIAR !

” Enough choices, what are you even trying to say ?” you sighed, rubbing your temples.

Ah.. well.. it’s a ‘metaphor’ about a class presentation I have to do but am too cowardly to attempt to do. It’s a ‘first stand, first do’ kind of presentation that doesn’t really have no order. Anybody cat who wants to go first goes.

” Alright… but.. uh… what does this have anything to do with what you said earlier about the leash thing?” you groaned in annoyance.

For the last few days, I would have a false sense of confidence and tell myself I will go present. However, as my classmates began to present, that confidence slid away faster then water on a duck’s back and I soon found myself cowering at the thought of presenting. Let’s just put it this way. my kitty-mates can do epic back flips while kung-fu kicking that mouse into oblivion while I can barely pounce, much less go Jackie-chan on it. I found myself lying to me ( grammar was never my strongest skill. Neither was writing so shussshhhh) that I would gather my courage to go right as soon as [INSERT CURRENT CLASSMATE’S NAME ] finished. Which quickly lead to me not presenting for that day. It gets pretty frustrating when you just want to get it over with.

” ….. cool story bro. Can I leave now?” you grumbled before leaving anyway.

Yeah, I was finish anywa-


*if you’re wondering how my presentation went, it went as horrible as I imagined it. I must be a physic.*