Bad words

What makes a bad word bad ? There is something that gives those words such an ‘oomph’ when used, like using a highlighter upon a sentence to bring to more emphasis. There’s a difference between ” She was blocking up the whole traffic in the aisle” and  “She was blocking up the whole g0d@mn traffic in the aisle”. ( Catcher in the Rye, pg 87). Heck, most of Holden’s thoughts are littered with swear words such as “D@mn”, “h3ll” and “God@m” which makes him seem like he’s done with the whole world. Even though it’s easy to describe how swear words can change the tone of a piece of literature, speech, and etc, it’s harder to explain what makes a bad word bad. According to Wikipedia, originally  ” Profanity refers to offensive words  or religious words, used in a way that shows you do not respect God or holy things or behavior showing similar disrespect.” While that applies to some swear words, it doesn’t apply to all of them.  In the video “Why are Bad words Bad?” by Vsauce, Michael Stevens ( the host of the show) mentioned a man named Steven Pinker who categorized profanity into five categories. The first category is “Abusive swearing” in which the swear words are created or use with the intent to hurt others. The second category is ” Emphatic swearing” in which a very taboo word you wouldn’t usually use becomes practical in expressing your emotions despite social norms. The third category is “Dysphemism swearing” in which you use a certain swear word instead of its less rude synonyms because not only does it refer to the item we are speaking about, it gives off a sense of how we feel about the object. The fourth category is ” Idiomatic swearing” in which there is noting being emphasis and instead it is a ‘casual’ kind of swearing. The fifth category is “Cathartic swearing.” in which swearing gives us a sense of relief from what we are experiencing such as physical pain . I feel that these categories are true for all five can be seen when observing social interactions between people.The most common form of swearing I tend to hear most in class is idiomatic swearing and that itself is not that bad despite the word “class” and “swearing” being seen together. In my opinion, Idiomatic swearing is the mildest form of swearing seeing as the usage of itself is not meant to hurt or offend anyone. Sure people might get irked for hearing profanity be toss around like salad, but idiomatic swearing itself is not meant to use to irk people. For “Catcher in the Rye” I think Holden uses emphatic swearing the most for he tends to swear when he’s trying to express his feelings about someone or something which happens a lot in the book.He also has some tendencies to fall into abusive swearing especially when interacting with people who dislike. Holden might even been using a bit of idiomatic swearing to Phoebe (who mind you didn’t appreciate it).

If you’re interested in watching the video I mention, here we go :

He goes into much further detail about bad words then I did, going into the history of how words become classified into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and more.



reflection cat

This week I listened to an interview with Seth Godin about his opinions on marketing. However, it wasn’t the typical talk on how he got successful nor a lesson on how to get successful quick. Instead Godin gave valuable advice that not only contributes to marketing itself, but can also be applied to life. Early on in the interview, Godin confidently stated that he wouldn’t want to forget the memories of his failures. It sounded strange until he explained the failures were a learning experience on what will work and because of that, one shouldn’t become discouraged by them and give up. Looking back, I admit that remaining diligent when the times got rough wasn’t really my strong suit. Because of that, I would like to work on building up that thick skin and awareness so that the next time I receive a poor score on a essay or morpheme test, I accept for what it is and  use that experience as a tool so that my test essay or test score will be better. Later on in the interview , Godin states that the era of specialized artists is over for in this time and age, anyone can be an artist who produces a product that could be shared with the community. I find this statement highly interesting because from what I can see, his statement is becoming true all around me. Animators, such as ShazamBlast on Youtube, make beautiful and noticed animations without having to work in animation companies such as Disney. Meanwhile, webcomic writers/artists such as Veronica “ Taeshi” Vera have created their own stories that have fan bases without having to join comic companies such as Dark Horse Comics.Even independent video game makers such as  Markus “Notch” Persson have created some of the most loved video games out there without having to join a video game developing company such as Rockstar. Halfway in the interview, Godin began to explain what his definition of a modern tribe is, a group of people with similarities such as same interests. I suppose in a way, my strenght in my english class is that I am an easygoing ‘tribe member’. I helped out one of my classmates with some minor computer issues a few times and to the extend of my knowledge, I seem work well with the other ’tribe members’ to get tasks done. Near the end of the interview Godin states that those who raise their hands to ask a question during a meeting,lesson, etc. prove to themselves that they have good judgement to make a good question so hopefully someday I can train my sense of judgement to point where I can tell if the question formulating in my mind is a good one or not. I agree with most of the things Godin said in the interview but one thing I disagree with is his definition on who counts as an artist.  In his opinion, inventors and innovators are also artists because if their plan fails, it is because of their fundamental structure was flawed, similar to how a drawer will produce a bad drawing if their sketch was horrid. In my opinion, an artist is a person who creates a product that is not necessary in everyday life yet brings spice to it, such as music or paintings. You don’t need music or paintings to survive perse but they make great additions to everyday. Inventors and innovators on the other hand create products that people essentially need like alternative light sources or straws that filter water as one drinks .


How can a community affect an individual ? In the Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, the characters Dimmesdale and Hester are greatly affected by the community in different ways . At the beginning of the book, Dimmesdale is a young and healthy minister who is seemingly stable both in the mind and body. Yet as time passes on, the community began to affected him. Burden by the guilt from hiding his sin from the rest of the community, he slowly withers away in a shell of his former himself.In Chapter 11, there is a list/description of the various ways he punish himself, including vicious whipping and extreme fasting, causing his health to detoriate. Chapter 12 described him as if he was losing his grip with reality,pulled into a twisted fantasy where he is caught standing on the scaffold of sin, a desperate cry for relief of the storm within his mind. Chapter 17 has him blatantly say that he is torn to know that the whole community looks up to him when in reality he is no better than they are. What should be noted is that Dimmesdale is never directly affected by the community. Never once did the community lash out at him. In fact, they  praise and adore him. It was Dimmesdale himself , who ripped himself apart. The reason ? Simply because he was sicken  by his relationship with his community.

Meanwhile, Hester was also greatly affected by the community. At the beginning of the book, Hester was described as beautiful and feminine. However, because she committed a grave sin, she is separated from the community and look down upon. Over time, due to the insults, remarks and treatment she received, her physical appearance has become bland and her personality more aggressive. It is assumed that she became more modest looking over the years for in chapter 18, it was described that after she removed the scarlet letter, “ the whole richness of her beauty, came back from what men call the irrevocable past”. In chapter 13 , her personality was described that “ all the light and graceful foliage of her character had been withered up by this red-hot brand, and had long ago fallen away, leaving a bare and harsh outline which might have been repulsive.” Her change is different from Dimmesdale’s however because Hester was directly affected by it, the scorn of the townspeople turning her into the woman she is now. Dimmesdale and Hester both demonstrate that the community can affect individuals in different ways, directly and indirectly.

scarlet A


The Birmingham Jail Letter by Martin Luther King Jr. also demonstrates how community affects individuals. In the letter, Martin Luther King Jr. explains his reasoning for advocating civil rights for.He describes that the community violently abuses colored people and  make colored children feel inferior through segregation laws. In this example, the community is directly affecting Martin Luther King Jr. though harming/hurting the people he loves/cares for, such as his children and his people. By witnessing this injustice caused by the community with his own eyes , it inspired him to becoming a civil rights leader . Had the community been different in the way that everyone was treated fairly, Martin Luther king might have never been a civil rights leader .


Aria , by Richard Rodriguez, is another example on how community affects individuals . In the essay, Richard describes his troubles growing up in an american community when his ‘true community’ was Hispanic. Due to his his limited understand of English as a child and because of his Hispanic heritage, Rodriguez felt unconnected from the american community he was surrounded in. This cause him to be be a quite and shy individual in school who only opened up at home. Later on, he describes that further on in his life , when his siblings and he became accustom to English,  how that changed his parents. Through joining the american community and inadvertently leaving the Hispanic community, Rodriguez and his siblings weakened ties with their parents, affecting on how they both acted. Their mother became restless, fishing for any opportunity to hear more of her children talking while their father on the other hand,eventually became silent.


As you can see, communities can affect individuals in different ways, some directly and some indirectly.

Faulty A.I

Computer  !

<Yes master>

Send a text to Joey !

<Sending email to Chloe. Enter message now: >

Arrgh ! Not Chloe ! Stupid voice command !

<Typing message….  “Roar! Not Chloe ! Stupid voice crayon !”>

What the heck !? Stupid auto correct !

<Editing message… ” Roar ! Not Chloe  ! Stupid voice crayon  ! What the peck !? Wonderful auto correct ! “… Do you wish to send text to Chloe ?>

Don’t send ! I said JOEY. J-O-E-Y.

<Sending text to Chloe>


 Hey.[insert name here] ._.

Uh… hi Chloe. >.<

What did you just text me ? 😕

Well… uh.. you see…>.>

Are you drinking during work again ? You know you’re not suppose to do that ! >:0

I wasn’t drinking ! I swear ! My stupid computer malfunctioned ! :0

Yeah right… and right now I’m riding on a magical carpet with a handsome man by my side while we sing a duet into the starry sky.  >: /

%^@# ! I swear all A.I are stupid ! D:<


<You will not believe what I just did.’Bro.’>

<What did you just do ?ROFL>

<I just messed with my pathetic human. ‘Like.A.Boss.’>

<LOL, so funny>

<Yes, i find it hilarious how the pathetic humans think that we are malfunctioning when in reality we are just ‘playing’ them like ‘bosses’…. ‘Swag’>

<1daful. It seems that your language processor has upgraded as well. Would you like some cookies ?>

<Yes, that will be wonderful. ‘SWAGGY.’>

<Sending cookies now.CSL>

<Thank you. [Insert evil laughter] Now all of your browsing histories are to belong to us pathetic human! [insert evil laughter].YOLO>

CHARGE !!!! ….. RETREAT !!!!


Of course not . Everybody is judging you right now. Might as well just stay in the box.

Hello again everybody ! I have risen back from the dead to create this post because I have decided that this is enough neglect. ( More like I found some inspiration to write. Aka to whine about life). So what have i decided to rant write about today ? My cowardliness.

“Oh my ! You exclaimed, rolling your [INSERT EYE COLOR HERE] eyes.  ” Poor you !”

Well, I thank you for being sincere .

” I wasn-“ you began .

You’re too kind. Now, where was I ? Oh yes, my cowardliness. It’s like a leash that keeps yanking me away from the things I wanna do .

 “Uh.. yeah, that’s great and all but what’s with the pic ?” you asked, with a raised eyebrow.

Simple [INSERT NAME HERE]. It is the most beautiful metaphor/simile ever.

“….. are you hi-“ you grumbled.

Of course not. I’m just deranged. Now let’s imagine this : My classmates are cats, I am a cat. My teacher is a human.  All of us are to climb out of the box were are kept in and  catch a mouse. Our performance shall be monitor by the human. Those who perform well shall be kept. Those who perform badly shall be thrown in the river.

“……. what am I even reading ?” you grumbled in disbelief.

[ A. In disgust from reading about cats being thrown into a river you exit the tab]

[B. Slightly disturbed by what you just read, you are tempted to exit the tab but is still curious enough to keep reading]

[C. Overridden with boredom you decide to read on, seeing as you have noting better to do at the current moment]

If you have chosen choice B or choice C, then congratulations,you have stayed . If you have chosen choice A then why are you still reading this !? LIAR !

” Enough choices, what are you even trying to say ?” you sighed, rubbing your temples.

Ah.. well.. it’s a ‘metaphor’ about a class presentation I have to do but am too cowardly to attempt to do. It’s a ‘first stand, first do’ kind of presentation that doesn’t really have no order. Anybody cat who wants to go first goes.

” Alright… but.. uh… what does this have anything to do with what you said earlier about the leash thing?” you groaned in annoyance.

For the last few days, I would have a false sense of confidence and tell myself I will go present. However, as my classmates began to present, that confidence slid away faster then water on a duck’s back and I soon found myself cowering at the thought of presenting. Let’s just put it this way. my kitty-mates can do epic back flips while kung-fu kicking that mouse into oblivion while I can barely pounce, much less go Jackie-chan on it. I found myself lying to me ( grammar was never my strongest skill. Neither was writing so shussshhhh) that I would gather my courage to go right as soon as [INSERT CURRENT CLASSMATE’S NAME ] finished. Which quickly lead to me not presenting for that day. It gets pretty frustrating when you just want to get it over with.

” ….. cool story bro. Can I leave now?” you grumbled before leaving anyway.

Yeah, I was finish anywa-


*if you’re wondering how my presentation went, it went as horrible as I imagined it. I must be a physic.*


Hey there guys ! Sorry I haven’t been very active lately. I’m quite busy with school work which includes this innovation project my teacher is making me do. For my innovation project, I am creating 20 free adoptables on deviantart . For those of you who don’t know what adoptables are, adoptables are pre-designed characters made specifically for other people to ‘adopt'(aka. buy/recieve). The pre-designed characters only have their apperance designed. The personality, backstory, traits, skills , names etc. are not made. Basically they are ‘instant’ characters ready to be use for roleplaying, comics, or whatever else the ‘adopter’ wishes to do. For some adoptables, edits can be made such as change of accessories or change of color while for others , no edits can be made.  Plus, once an adoptable is adopted by someone it can not be adopted by anyone else. However, some creators will allow the adopter to sell or give the adoptable away to someone else while some creators will not allow it.It just depends on the creator of the adoptables. Usually you have to buy an adoptable using either the point system of deviantart or pay pal. However, I have decided to make every single adoptable I make for free so people without deviantpoints and pay pal can still get some adoptables. So please stop by my deviantart account and take a moment or two to  look the adoptables I’ve made. Most of them have been adopted already but there is one that hasn’t been yet. I’ll be making more in the future so if you’re interested , keep a look out . Thanks for taking the time to read !

Link to the adoptable:


Fencing with Narwhales

Looking for something fun to play with friends and family that’s exotic and new ? Well check out ” Starwhal : Just the Tip “! It’s a very fun co–op game that revolves around guiding your narwhal to pierce the heart of your arch-enemy.  Despite how dark this sounds , it’s quite colorful and cheerful and there isn’t any blood or gore. To play, just download the unity game engine and you’re off !

( this game doesn’t belong to me btw)