reflection cat

This week I listened to an interview with Seth Godin about his opinions on marketing. However, it wasn’t the typical talk on how he got successful nor a lesson on how to get successful quick. Instead Godin gave valuable advice that not only contributes to marketing itself, but can also be applied to life. Early on in the interview, Godin confidently stated that he wouldn’t want to forget the memories of his failures. It sounded strange until he explained the failures were a learning experience on what will work and because of that, one shouldn’t become discouraged by them and give up. Looking back, I admit that remaining diligent when the times got rough wasn’t really my strong suit. Because of that, I would like to work on building up that thick skin and awareness so that the next time I receive a poor score on a essay or morpheme test, I accept for what it is and  use that experience as a tool so that my test essay or test score will be better. Later on in the interview , Godin states that the era of specialized artists is over for in this time and age, anyone can be an artist who produces a product that could be shared with the community. I find this statement highly interesting because from what I can see, his statement is becoming true all around me. Animators, such as ShazamBlast on Youtube, make beautiful and noticed animations without having to work in animation companies such as Disney. Meanwhile, webcomic writers/artists such as Veronica “ Taeshi” Vera have created their own stories that have fan bases without having to join comic companies such as Dark Horse Comics.Even independent video game makers such as  Markus “Notch” Persson have created some of the most loved video games out there without having to join a video game developing company such as Rockstar. Halfway in the interview, Godin began to explain what his definition of a modern tribe is, a group of people with similarities such as same interests. I suppose in a way, my strenght in my english class is that I am an easygoing ‘tribe member’. I helped out one of my classmates with some minor computer issues a few times and to the extend of my knowledge, I seem work well with the other ’tribe members’ to get tasks done. Near the end of the interview Godin states that those who raise their hands to ask a question during a meeting,lesson, etc. prove to themselves that they have good judgement to make a good question so hopefully someday I can train my sense of judgement to point where I can tell if the question formulating in my mind is a good one or not. I agree with most of the things Godin said in the interview but one thing I disagree with is his definition on who counts as an artist.  In his opinion, inventors and innovators are also artists because if their plan fails, it is because of their fundamental structure was flawed, similar to how a drawer will produce a bad drawing if their sketch was horrid. In my opinion, an artist is a person who creates a product that is not necessary in everyday life yet brings spice to it, such as music or paintings. You don’t need music or paintings to survive perse but they make great additions to everyday. Inventors and innovators on the other hand create products that people essentially need like alternative light sources or straws that filter water as one drinks .