Dear Fellow Bloggers, *week * 21


What happen to 20 ?  ….. (it’s somewhere over the rainbows)

Last week was pretty fun. I got into another B.R.A.W.L  and it was prettying interesting. Questions were being shot forward and forth and various answers were being thrown around. Something I noticed is the way questions are answered by various people. Usually when a person is answering the same question someone has already answered, the answer given is very similar but has a different ‘flair’ to it. The wording might be different, the tone might be different, something might be added on but deep down  it’s the same message. In a way, it’s kinda similar to movies about fairy tales. For example, let’s take the fairy tale ” Beauty and the Beast”. Many companies made a movie out of the fairy tale however each are quite different. From different character designs, to contrasting voice acting, each and every movie is not the same. However it is still telling the same tale . I guess you can tell the same like the others but still have a little bit of style to it.


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