Dear Fellow Bloggers, *week 19*


*sneaks in from the air vents* Sssshhh hw is looking for me. It’s hot on my trail.

Well besides from that, last week I participated * well sort of* in this awesome, modified Socratic Seminar known as B.R.A.W.L *no, there was no actual fighting involved*. There were several teams competing against each other to give the most spectacular and thoughtful answers. Each team has a representative who has three “go’s” to do answer well. Compare to the normal Socratic Seminar , B.R.A.W.L is much more interesting,fun and easier. Instead of having to figure out answers and make questions by yourself , you have your team mates to help you out when your mind starts farting. In addition, the B.R.A.W.L is set up in a way in which eventually everyone will have a turn to speak so no one will be left sitting at their table either too shy to speak or bored to death. Also, the three chances to speak makes it much more challenging and competitive because now, students are compelled to only answer  if they’re very sure their answer is going to be best they have. In fact B.R.A.W.L almost seems like a  relay team game. Because of all of this, I’m actually looking forward to the next B.R.A.W.L. 


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