Dear Fellow Bloggers, *week * 21


What happen to 20 ?  ….. (it’s somewhere over the rainbows)

Last week was pretty fun. I got into another B.R.A.W.L  and it was prettying interesting. Questions were being shot forward and forth and various answers were being thrown around. Something I noticed is the way questions are answered by various people. Usually when a person is answering the same question someone has already answered, the answer given is very similar but has a different ‘flair’ to it. The wording might be different, the tone might be different, something might be added on but deep down  it’s the same message. In a way, it’s kinda similar to movies about fairy tales. For example, let’s take the fairy tale ” Beauty and the Beast”. Many companies made a movie out of the fairy tale however each are quite different. From different character designs, to contrasting voice acting, each and every movie is not the same. However it is still telling the same tale . I guess you can tell the same like the others but still have a little bit of style to it.


Dear Fellow Bloggers, *week 19*


*sneaks in from the air vents* Sssshhh hw is looking for me. It’s hot on my trail.

Well besides from that, last week I participated * well sort of* in this awesome, modified Socratic Seminar known as B.R.A.W.L *no, there was no actual fighting involved*. There were several teams competing against each other to give the most spectacular and thoughtful answers. Each team has a representative who has three “go’s” to do answer well. Compare to the normal Socratic Seminar , B.R.A.W.L is much more interesting,fun and easier. Instead of having to figure out answers and make questions by yourself , you have your team mates to help you out when your mind starts farting. In addition, the B.R.A.W.L is set up in a way in which eventually everyone will have a turn to speak so no one will be left sitting at their table either too shy to speak or bored to death. Also, the three chances to speak makes it much more challenging and competitive because now, students are compelled to only answer  if they’re very sure their answer is going to be best they have. In fact B.R.A.W.L almost seems like a  relay team game. Because of all of this, I’m actually looking forward to the next B.R.A.W.L. 

Dear Fellow Bloggers *week 18*



*sneaks in from the back door*. Ssshh , I’m hiding from my homework to type this. Don’t give me away .

Well besides from that, last,last week I read more of ” Count of Monte Cristo”. It’s getting really exciting with so many plot twists . Something that was eye catching in that book was Count Monte Cristo’s personality. The mysterious count is one full of tricks of his sleeves and his personality changes on a dime. He can appear sincere and caring for a moment and once the people he wishes to manipulate are away his truth devilish side is shown. For example, he forced one of his servants to buy the horses of the wife of one of his “friends” so that tension would rise when the wife found out. When the moment came and the wife was furious at her husband the Count had a stoic and calm look on his face, not troubled at all at what he caused. This reminds me of another character  from a different book who also has an unstable personality. Can you guess who it is ?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Hyde !

( For those who guessed right , give yourself a pat on the back ! For those who guess wrong, give yourself a pat on the back ! For those who didn’t guess at all , …… you get a pat on the back from yourself.)

“Er…. how are they similar ? One’s a handsome,mysterious count *possible vampire*, while the other is a innocent doctor cursed to be the avatar of human sin.* Discorded anyone?* Well , simple. Their personality changes drastically when a certain thing is introduced or is taken away. For example, when Monte Cristo is with people he is plotting against, he becomes a kind gentleman. However once his targets have gone somewhere else, Monte Cristo becomes more impatient, snappy and darker especially towards his servants. On the other hand, when Dr.Jekyll doesn’t take his mystical potion he is a gentle man who is in no way a fiend.  The moment he sips from the vile liquid he transforms into a cruel and horrifying monster who is very violent. It is clear that the two men can switch between the two personalities on a flip of a coin.  Interestingly enough from what I can remember, The Count himself has admitted to using a variety of medication/potions that he had created himself including a strange red liquid that is taken via mouth that awakes a person from any type of unconsciousness . Meanwhile Dr.Jekyll also created his potion by himself as well but instead of “waking” him up, it instead pulls him into a deep “slumber” allowing Mr.Hyde to awaken. From those two observations, I would say Count of Monte Cristo and Dr.Jekyll/Mr.Hyde have a decent amount of similarities .