Dear Fellow Bloggers *week 17*

ImageHahahha… so awkward… I numbered my weekly posts wrong.( Don’t tell my math nor science teacher). 

Well besides from all that drama, I’m currenly reading ” The count of Monte Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas. It’s a good book , kinda like a romance story for men.( Okay, I’m lying, it’s an action book for girls). The story is quite interesting for the hero is betrayed by people he thought would do no harm to him , not because he’s all naive and stupid and such but because he feels that he’s invaluable and thus has noting that would make others go against him. ( However as you can tell, he’s totally wrong). What this reminds me is how messed up life is. As long as you succeed , there will always be others who are planning your downfall so they can step on top of you to be where you are. Even when you feel that you are no important to this world and that you’re accomplishments are minor, there is someone out there jealous of what you do, what you have and what you are. To blind to this fact can be quiet dangerous as the book shows us with Dantes’, the hero of the story, fall from fortune. Therefore, I believe that we should enjoy and share our accomplishment but make sure to not over do the sharing to the point it becomes bragging and be aware of those around us so we will be prepare for the traps they will set along the way.


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