Dear Fellow Bloggers *week 16*



I’m going to the immature of blaming something else for something that happened right now : My school work made it pretty difficult to post last week, sorry . ( There I just did it. I’m a horrible person.  Fight me.) Other than that drama, I took an English test last time on the book ” All quiet on the western front”. The test was basically me evaluating this evaluation of the book by this professional website (Well, I think it was professional. I would tell you the name of the group if i could remember).   This reminded me  the reason why it’s a good thing to watch/read/listen to many reviews by others before deciding if you should skip or take your chances with the movie, video game, books and such. Everybody has different opinions on any subject thus watching one review for anything is a bit biased for the review is based off what the reviewer feels about the item.( Oh dear, even I have trouble understanding that sentence a bit). For example, one review might praise the item for something clever that they enjoyed while another review might berate the item for that same item because they found it distasteful.

“Oi ! I thought my opinion matter the most when it comes to deciding what I like !” you exclaimed angrily.

True true, my reader. However, are you willing to spend like 60 bucks on a new game only to find out you hate it ? Or go watch a movie that you absolutely despise with all your being and wished that you could jump on a time machine, and go back to steal the tickets so you wouldn’t get to see that awful movie ? ( *cough* Avatar the last air-bender live action movie *cough-sob*) If so, then forget those reviews ! Go do what you want to do now!( Except for jumping off that cliff. Bring a parachute first). However, if you’re a bit more careful and would rather use that money for something you’ll enjoy then reviews are great way to test the waters.For Jaws. By going over many reviews of an item, you can see the strong and weak points of the items and predict if you can enjoy it or not.


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