Dear Fellow Bloogers, *week 14*


I.AM.SORRY.* bows a thousand times* I was way too busy with doing school work to post last week’s post. Well, here it is now finally.( I can already sense your ever growing excitement *Sarcasm mode*). So I know I once typed/wrote about finding references to mythology and religion once but holy cow, today my mind was blown. While taking a quiz on ” All Quiet On The Western Front” my teacher made me come to realize that references can ninjas at times.( Can’t see them, can’t hear them, but they’re there.) There was really clever reference to Charon and the river of Styx that required you to look at it from a whole new perspective to realize it. In the same vain, it is similar to looking at an art piece. Sometimes it is clearly obvious what the artist’s message is. However, there are other times when the message isn’t all that clear and it takes you a minute or two ( or hour if you’re that type of person) and maybe a lot of head titling. Getting out of that box might also be required. ( I’m looking at you Snake.) Overall, some things require having to think outside that damp cardboard box and look at the big bold world outside. And after you’re done you can go to bed.


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