Dear Fellow Bloggers * week 15*


What is up people !? ( *insert witty response here*) This week I watched an interesting movie called “Paths of Glory” in class. It is a World War One movie ( as in it’s setting is in World War One, not made during World War One on the battlefield with bullets and artillery shells flying everywhere). It’s quite a tragic movie and will make you end up protesting to the things done in the movie loudly like a child being strapped to a chair being forced to eat raw onions. When you think about it, nearly any book/story movie/tv show can leave us into that state of protest ( I’m not so sure about auto/biography and tv documents). Why you ask ? Simply, they grab the problems of this world,slap neon lights all over it and then wave/ram it into our face until we notice it. Just think about it. In nearly any fictional story where there is a corrupted society or it is a dystopia, and before you even read three chapters, red lights are flashing in your head telling you that the world you’re reading in is messed up . However you’re not thinking about how messed up the world you live in is messed up when you’re driving to buy that expensive cup of coffee are you ? Looking at this from far away, it’s clear that fiction is the window/door that leads to awareness. Sure, maybe the plot might be unrealistic, the characters could be flat, one-dimension, the setting bizarre and strange but the reason why it’s like that could be that the author is trying to state a deep and meaningful message that applies to us, the real world. ( That or maybe they’re just bad writers)


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