Dear Fellow Bloggers, * week 13 *


Hey, Hey, Hey ! This week I was reading “All Quiet On The western Front” by Erich Maria Remarque. I have to say, it’s a pretty good book. There’s action, drama, and tragedy but has a ‘mature’ feel to it because the violence and horrors of war is not gloried in any way. While reading the  book, I couldn’t help but think how the story was kinda similar to the anime “Attack on Titan”. Both start out light-hearted with the main characters being in a chaotic world but everything being sane at the time beginning. However, things began to fall apart as  time pass on. We are force to watch the violence and madness of the war break the characters, turning them from young innocent children to cold, numb adults . It is clear that life and experience can alter and shape a child into becoming the adults they will be. From desensitizing Paul Baumer, the main character of the book, to making Eren, the main character of the anime, bloodthirsty for vengeance, the effects of violence and war can be very damaging .


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