Faulty A.I

Computer  !

<Yes master>

Send a text to Joey !

<Sending email to Chloe. Enter message now: >

Arrgh ! Not Chloe ! Stupid voice command !

<Typing message….  “Roar! Not Chloe ! Stupid voice crayon !”>

What the heck !? Stupid auto correct !

<Editing message… ” Roar ! Not Chloe  ! Stupid voice crayon  ! What the peck !? Wonderful auto correct ! “… Do you wish to send text to Chloe ?>

Don’t send ! I said JOEY. J-O-E-Y.

<Sending text to Chloe>


 Hey.[insert name here] ._.

Uh… hi Chloe. >.<

What did you just text me ? 😕

Well… uh.. you see…>.>

Are you drinking during work again ? You know you’re not suppose to do that ! >:0

I wasn’t drinking ! I swear ! My stupid computer malfunctioned ! :0

Yeah right… and right now I’m riding on a magical carpet with a handsome man by my side while we sing a duet into the starry sky.  >: /

%^@# ! I swear all A.I are stupid ! D:<


<You will not believe what I just did.’Bro.’>

<What did you just do ?ROFL>

<I just messed with my pathetic human. ‘Like.A.Boss.’>

<LOL, so funny>

<Yes, i find it hilarious how the pathetic humans think that we are malfunctioning when in reality we are just ‘playing’ them like ‘bosses’…. ‘Swag’>

<1daful. It seems that your language processor has upgraded as well. Would you like some cookies ?>

<Yes, that will be wonderful. ‘SWAGGY.’>

<Sending cookies now.CSL>

<Thank you. [Insert evil laughter] Now all of your browsing histories are to belong to us pathetic human! [insert evil laughter].YOLO>


2 thoughts on “Faulty A.I

  1. Oh my god. I am so done.
    / head desks
    Did you write that by yourself…?
    It was funny as heck, I really liked it…
    In reality: A.I.s are evil creations that are trying to destroy our mentality… Hahahahaha XD

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