Dear Fellow Bloggers, *week 12*

what i learn 2


This week, my teacher gave us some more tips on romance. He lectured us about the art of gift giving and now that I think about it, it’s so true. I remember this hilarious video where the posts of unhappy  people were shown. In every post, they had a complainant on what their lover gave them for valentine  days. Even thought the reasons were never told , you could conclude that the poor guy either procrastinated,forgot, or was a bit insensitive  . (that or he didn’t care).  However, the person on the receiving  end of the gift was clearly upset/not pleased . I guess the moral of the story is that if you forgot to get a  good present for someone for any reason, you might as well just flat out admit to them that you forgot and  you’ll make it up to them or whatever instead of getting them something weird/questionable and risking . ( what makes a good present you ask ? Something that the person will like/apperciate getting.)

If you want to see that video, click here :

( I do not own the video )


One thought on “Dear Fellow Bloggers, *week 12*

  1. That’s a really interesting story… and I think that’s somewhat true, thoughtless gifts mean little to people who spend the time to give you thoughtful gifts.
    Unless they’re hand made, hand made always seems thoughtful. And as long as the messages are loving and the gifts show concern, I think that’s debatable.
    But man, that video… I love Ellen, good one. That was awesome. XD

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