Dear fellow bloggers, *week 11*

what i learn 2

This week my teacher was talking/lecturing on how sometimes you have to express all of your emotions and feelings. Quick like a flash,the thought of a certain someone from this certain movie with a certain famous song that goes like this :  “LET IT GO ! LET IT GO ! CAN’T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE ! LET IT GO ! LET IT GO ! TURN AWAY AND SLAM THE DOOR !” came to mind. Can you guess whose it is ?

Well, if you’re Patrick who lives under a rock then you probably don’t know what this character nor movie nor song is. However, if you aren’t then you’d probably have thought of  Elsa from the movie ” Frozen”. ( If you didn’t, then oh well. You get a pat on the back for trying !) Elsa and her song are a perfect example of opening up and being who you truly are.{warning. entering minor spoilers territory ahead. proceed with caution} Throughout the first part of the movie, Elsa was forced to be cold and aloof  for almost her whole life to keep her powers in check. However, it wasn’t very effective as she and her parents had hoped. Even thought it did helped a bit, the strain of putting up a facade and the fear of being ‘caught’ made Elsa’s powers more chaotic and uncontrollable then it should be.  The same thing could be applied to non-magical princesses people. If you spend your whole life living behind a mask and shoving everything  inside the closet with the skeletons, you’re not going to be happy overall. Sure, [certain]people won’t hate/discriminate/make fun of/hurt you right on the spot( let’s admit it. This world has some really mean and cruel people who seem to be out there just to make life a burning rash for you just because. If you don’t have a ‘handle’ for them to grab onto at first, they’ll eventually look for your cracks and crannies to dig in.) but you’ll be basically a shell of who you actually are. Your physical body might be alive but your  mind and spirit would have withered away like a plant without water.

Trailing back to the movie, when the moment Elsa gave up and decided to just use her powers freely, and amazing transformation happened. ( No, she did not become a giant robot that fights evil). Her movements become much more lively and energetic . There’s this happy and content look on her face as she creates dazzling structures. Wait a minute ! What did I just underline there ?

” You underlined dazzling you idio-” you grumbled.

Yes ! I underlined dazzling !  Dazzling ! Do you know why I underlined dazzling ?

” Uh… I don’t really care.” you replied , crossing your arms.

It’s because ‘dazzling’ was something Elsa couldn’t do when she was suppressing her powers and emotions ! When she was in that state of suppression, her creations were much more crude and ‘to the point’. The moment she relaxed and embraced her gift, her structures went from simple, dangerous ice to an intricate and complex castle.

” So, you’re saying if I just be myself I can magically create a castle from thin air?” you asked with a sneer.

Well… no… however, if you just be yourself you can do amazing things . Sure, opening up and letting the world see who you really are can be a painful ,cold and lonely road to walk on. (Sadly, the world is not a Disney movie. [Certain]People will openly shun/hurt or leave you just because you’re different.) Just like Elsa, you might have to walk alone in the cold snowy mountains. Others might come and try to hurt you even further similar to how Elsa was nearly assassinated by the two men who came along on the ‘fetching’ party.  However, even thought this road can be grim and cold, somewhere out there is a person .

” Okay ?” you commented a bit confused.

Not just any kind of person my dear reader,( if you’re still reading that is),  a person who cares deeply for you. A person who is willing to stay with you even when you protest and try to push them away. Someone who’s willing to stand side by side  with you under heavy fire . To go through a blizzard and up a mountain to bring you back. Sometimes, finding this person can be very hard, especially when it seems everyone is abandoning you . Sometimes the people you think who will stay by your side end up leaving you. But have faith, somewhere out there is that person. Take Anna for example. Her love and devotion to her sister took her through a blizzard and up a mountain/mountains. Even when Elsa injured her, Anna never though ill about her and wasn’t ready to give up either.Through it all, Anna was there for Elsa even thought Elsa couldn’t see it.

So that’s just about it for this week guys. Remember, even if opening up is a hard thing to do, some where out there is a supporter and in the end you’ll be happier. Plus, singing ” LET IT GO !”  doesn’t hurt either .



4 thoughts on “Dear fellow bloggers, *week 11*

  1. /whispers
    I recognized the reference but I haven’t watched the movie… am I like Patrick then?
    I didn’t read it because of the spoilers… so, yeah. References. Let it go… Haha, wait for it. Wait for me to go get something to annoy you and just to leave a comment on this…

    “I caught a chill… and it’s still frozen on my skin/
    I think about why I’m alone, by myself, no one else to explain/
    How far do I go? No one knows/
    If the end is so much better why don’t we just live forever?

    Don’t tell me I’m the last one in line…
    Don’t tell me I’m too late this time…”

    If you remember this, props to you. I tip my hat to you! If you don’t, you better go check your email because you know, like the faithful / ahem / stalker / cough /, I mean, follower, that I am… it’s in there somewhere!

    I’ve also seen a comment on a website of mass reblogging that reminds me of the subject [ I only read like.. the first portion of the second chunk of words / yes, I’m not going to call them paragraphs / and I stopped ‘cuz of the spoiler warning ]. The statement was “These are your emotions. You have the RIGHT to FEEL your emotions.” So, like ya said. “LET IT GO! LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOO! CAN’T HOLD IT BACK ANYMORE ! LET IT GO! LET IT GO! TURN AWAY AND SLAM THE [ god damn ] DOOR!” [ there will be so much disappointment if you don’t understand the reference ]


    – Shadowlord over and out, I have already made a song reference. I don’t think I’ve disappointed SRU Cas so… you know, I promised to help you with those adoptables… I’ll get to making one for THE CAUUUUSSSSEEEEE before working on my OC.

    P.S. Lonely blog is not lonely, and Shadowlord is now a synonym for the creeper that stalks your blog [ to the people who don’t know who I am ].

  2. P.P.S.
    I should have a game with you. Whenever you post a new post… I’ll see if I can beat your wordcount with a ridiculously long and random comment. Haha, you shouldn’t have ever complained to me about your lonely blog. Now it will be anything but lonely.

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