CHARGE !!!! ….. RETREAT !!!!


Of course not . Everybody is judging you right now. Might as well just stay in the box.

Hello again everybody ! I have risen back from the dead to create this post because I have decided that this is enough neglect. ( More like I found some inspiration to write. Aka to whine about life). So what have i decided to rant write about today ? My cowardliness.

“Oh my ! You exclaimed, rolling your [INSERT EYE COLOR HERE] eyes.  ” Poor you !”

Well, I thank you for being sincere .

” I wasn-“ you began .

You’re too kind. Now, where was I ? Oh yes, my cowardliness. It’s like a leash that keeps yanking me away from the things I wanna do .

 “Uh.. yeah, that’s great and all but what’s with the pic ?” you asked, with a raised eyebrow.

Simple [INSERT NAME HERE]. It is the most beautiful metaphor/simile ever.

“….. are you hi-“ you grumbled.

Of course not. I’m just deranged. Now let’s imagine this : My classmates are cats, I am a cat. My teacher is a human.  All of us are to climb out of the box were are kept in and  catch a mouse. Our performance shall be monitor by the human. Those who perform well shall be kept. Those who perform badly shall be thrown in the river.

“……. what am I even reading ?” you grumbled in disbelief.

[ A. In disgust from reading about cats being thrown into a river you exit the tab]

[B. Slightly disturbed by what you just read, you are tempted to exit the tab but is still curious enough to keep reading]

[C. Overridden with boredom you decide to read on, seeing as you have noting better to do at the current moment]

If you have chosen choice B or choice C, then congratulations,you have stayed . If you have chosen choice A then why are you still reading this !? LIAR !

” Enough choices, what are you even trying to say ?” you sighed, rubbing your temples.

Ah.. well.. it’s a ‘metaphor’ about a class presentation I have to do but am too cowardly to attempt to do. It’s a ‘first stand, first do’ kind of presentation that doesn’t really have no order. Anybody cat who wants to go first goes.

” Alright… but.. uh… what does this have anything to do with what you said earlier about the leash thing?” you groaned in annoyance.

For the last few days, I would have a false sense of confidence and tell myself I will go present. However, as my classmates began to present, that confidence slid away faster then water on a duck’s back and I soon found myself cowering at the thought of presenting. Let’s just put it this way. my kitty-mates can do epic back flips while kung-fu kicking that mouse into oblivion while I can barely pounce, much less go Jackie-chan on it. I found myself lying to me ( grammar was never my strongest skill. Neither was writing so shussshhhh) that I would gather my courage to go right as soon as [INSERT CURRENT CLASSMATE’S NAME ] finished. Which quickly lead to me not presenting for that day. It gets pretty frustrating when you just want to get it over with.

” ….. cool story bro. Can I leave now?” you grumbled before leaving anyway.

Yeah, I was finish anywa-


*if you’re wondering how my presentation went, it went as horrible as I imagined it. I must be a physic.*


1 thought on “CHARGE !!!! ….. RETREAT !!!!

  1. Yo, dude! I don’t think your presentation could be that bad! Stop lying to me just because I wasn’t there to witness a mind blowing presentation I doubt it was as bad as you said it was! =D

    Anyways, tell me about it. The “Charge! … Retreat!” instinct is something I get. Like, freaking tunnel vision, man. When you’re presenting it’s just nerve wrecking… At least you said something right? Rambling is still speaking… It’s better than just getting up, being silent, and then getting an ‘F’. So no worries, you’ve survived this far… just a bit more left! And… wait, what was I thinking? Oh yeah.

    Hmm… so, about throwing cats into rivers… .-.
    Please. Anything but the cats. Can you be mice instead? You know, I don’t feel too attached to rodents, so throwing mice into rivers won’t break my heart like throwing cats into rivers!

    Huh, nice picture by the way. And in the fashion you concluded the story. “Cool story bro”. Now I’m off, but not without a song reference [ because SRU Cas told me to ]: “We all wanna be somebody, we just need a taste of who we are/
    We all wanna be somebody, we’re willing to go but not that far.”
    Moral of the story: DON’T SELL YOURSELF SHORT, my friend.

    – I shall be your faithful stalker. Oh, sorry, my hand slipped. I mean follower. I shall follow your blog and comment on any new thing you post that doesn’t have spoilers to something I haven’t watched…
    So, until then… this is it my friend, Shadowlord over and out.

    P.S. Now what did you say about a lonely blog? Nah uh, bro. It ain’t gonna be lonely no more.

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