Free adoptables on deviantart !

Hey there guys ! Sorry I haven’t been very active lately. I’m quite busy with school work which includes this innovation project my teacher is making me do. For my innovation project, I am creating 20 free adoptables on deviantart . For those of you who don’t know what adoptables are, adoptables are pre-designed characters made specifically for other people to ‘adopt'(aka. buy/recieve). The pre-designed characters only have their apperance designed. The personality, backstory, traits, skills , names etc. are not made. Basically they are ‘instant’ characters ready to be use for roleplaying, comics, or whatever else the ‘adopter’ wishes to do. For some adoptables, edits can be made such as change of accessories or change of color while for others , no edits can be made.  Plus, once an adoptable is adopted by someone it can not be adopted by anyone else. However, some creators will allow the adopter to sell or give the adoptable away to someone else while some creators will not allow it.It just depends on the creator of the adoptables. Usually you have to buy an adoptable using either the point system of deviantart or pay pal. However, I have decided to make every single adoptable I make for free so people without deviantpoints and pay pal can still get some adoptables. So please stop by my deviantart account and take a moment or two to  look the adoptables I’ve made. Most of them have been adopted already but there is one that hasn’t been yet. I’ll be making more in the future so if you’re interested , keep a look out . Thanks for taking the time to read !

Link to the adoptable:


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