Dear Fellow Bloggers , *week 7 *


Hey, guys ! Long time no see ! Sorry for being quite inactive, school is giving me quite a beating.  Enough fooling around now, let’s jump into topic !

This week, I am still reading “Tale of Two Cities” by Charles Dickens. While reading the book, my teacher pointed out to our class something interesting. Despite the book being set in a ‘realistic’ setting *no Dumbledore or Voldemort here foks !* there are tons of nods to the supernatural * not Supernatural the show you silly goose*. This got me thinking and made me realize that a lot of video games make references to the supernatural/mythology as well. From subtly hinting to it to flat out ‘shoving’ it into your face, video games have been doing this for quite a while.  However, one game comes to my mind when it comes to seamlessly weaving in mythology into itself as well as ” Tale of Two Cities” did . Which game is that you ask ? Portal 2. How you ask ? Well, in Portal 2, the main antagonist is an A.I known as Glados.  Glados was created to oversee, guide, and control the Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center ( basically Aperture Science’s  control center). However, she went rouge and took complete control over Aperture Science by killing nearly everyone via neurotoxin.  Also, Glados is known for her love/passion of “science”( mostly testing with test subjects in dangerous chambers).On the other hand, in western classical tradition , Prometheus becomes the representation of the quest for scientific knowledge, and the risk of overreaching or unintended  consequences . Sound familiar ?  Not only does does Glados have a thirst for “testing”, she is a unintended consequence of creating a very intelligent and free-thinking A.I who has nearly complete control of the whole building.

In the first game , Glados was the one who gave the protagonist ,Chell, the Handheld Portal Device. Without the Handheld Portal Device, Chell would have never have been able to past through the various testing chambers. In a similar vein, without fire/intelligence given by Prometheus, humans would never have been able to survive in a world where they were so inferior to the beasts around them. Skipping to the second game,  Glados’ downfall from power is quite similar to Prometheus’ downfall. Glados was cast down into the bowels of the facility by the new ‘god’ of the facility, Wheatley.  Meanwhile Prometheus was cast down from the heavens by Zeus into the ‘bowels’ of the earth.  After a series of events, the next time Chell encounters Glados, Glados is being pecked away by a crow ( she was trapped inside a potato). Guess who else was pecked away by a bird ? Prometheus. Are you seeing the nods to Greek mythology now ?

Glados in android hell

Not quite what actually happened

That was a taste of what is hidden in Portal 2. There is still more mythology woven carefully within its story line similar to how ” Tale of Two Cities” has woven the supernatural into its. All it takes to catch these little slips and nods is some knowledge about the myth, a keen eye, and an alert mind.

So, have you found any references to the supernatural/mythology in any other video games ?

 Note : I am not the one who made this connection/found this reference .I am merely writing about the allusion and explaining what happened in the Portal series that connects it to Prometheus . For research, I used Wikipedia and the Unofficial Portal wiki.


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