Dear Fellow Bloggers, *week 6 *

what i learn

This week I realized that noting is as simple as it appears to be after analyzing the first  sentence of the book  “A Tale of Two Cities.” Just from a single sentence that appeared to be quite dull and shallow came so much interesting content that required the reader to think and look deeply into the meaning of things  to find this hidden stash of  intresting content. The same thing goes for My little Pony: Friendship is Magic. On the outside, it seems to be just another dumb girl shows that has dull characters, boring plot lines, and horrible interactions between characters. However, once you begin to watch MLP:FIM, you can begin to find those little quirks that are woven into the series  that fleshes out the characters, spices up the plot line/overall ‘universe’ of the series, and make the interactions between characters fun and engaging . 


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