WHY DIDN’T YOU DO IT !?! Because I forgot ! D:

Wow, right now I feel like a total idiot for forgetting to do an online assignment from my English class. We were suppose to talk about what other blogs we were interested in, how we want to improve our own blog , and which blogs we think will become popular. How did I find out I forgot it ? By reviving  an email stating that assignment has been graded .

Base on a true story

ImageExcept for the ending.

The worst thing about it ? There’s no one to blame besides myself. It was my fault that I totally didn’t remember about this assignment and there’s no scapegoat to be found.Plus the funny thing is, there was no good reason why I forgot. The world wasn’t ending, there wasn’t an ax murder after me, and it wasn’t like I was out saving the day. I simply just forgot.(( too bad the excuse ‘ i forgot’ never works. Like ever.)) What’s worse  is that EVERYONE else remembered and did the assignment. So now, I’m all alone on my little island of shame because my brain couldn’t keep a memo of having to to do that assignment. ( note to self : write down assignments on physical paper. That should help)

* Shark not included with island set. Sold seperatly.*


Now, If you excuse me, I’m going to go cry in the inside now.


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