Dear fellow bloggers, *week 1*

what i learn

This week I read ” Oedipus at Colonus” in class and I noticed something kinda strange. In the story, blind old Oedipus is taken care of by Antigone, his DAUGHTER. What is so strange about this you ask ? Well, at  that in the end of ” Oedipus Rex” Oedipus tells his friend Creon to take care of his daughters, Antigone and Ismene, because they are women thus ‘little fragile flowers’ and that his sons didn’t need to be taken care of all  because they’re guys and do’ll just fine. So after reading ” Oedipus Rex” I concluded that Oedipus’ girls would live an easy life at home. Instead, I found out that Antigone had went  with Oedipus to take care of him which is far from the life at home.Depending on how long she had stayed with him, it could mean she fought off wild animals, bandits, and who know what for years to protect Oedipus. Considering that she most likely didn’t receive any training in fighting nor had she had any fighting experiences before leaving with Oedipus, I have to say, that is pretty impressive that she manage to keep both herself and her father alive for so long. Also, Antigone would have to have some knowledge about plants,hunting and water to supply food and water for Oedipus and herself for I’m pretty sure a blind man and a young woman wouldn’t be able to travel fast enough on foot to reach town after town to resupply their food  and water supply regularly. It’s seems most likely that during the periods when they were on a road between two towns and out of food or water, Antigone would have to go out into a wilderness to gather it herself.  Also, Antigone would most likely  have to have some medical knowledge as well just in cause either she or Oedipus gets injured throughout their wandering. It also seems very likely that Antigone has a witty tongue because Oedipus might get into all sorts of trouble because of his wild temper.

Writing all of that had just made me realize how though Antigone has to be to take care of her farther all the way to old age. I guess the morale of this post is that sometimes the people you  excepted to be there for you won’t be in your time of need , while someone else who you never really excepted or thought of will stick by your side faithfully.

From your Faithful Student,



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