Time to get serious…. * cracks knuckles*

To be honest, I had only created this blog because I was required to make one for my English class. At first i thought this assignment was going to be some kind of project where it wouldn’t be that major and that I could be lazy and causal about it.  Turns out I was wrong, very very wrong.Today my teacher sent us the guidelines for the blogs we have to do and while reading them I went ‘ HOLY SMOKES!’ as I realize that all of the things I had posted on this blog didn’t reach the requirements at all. For starters, I can’t be lazy and casual about what I post anymore because the posts are going to be graded. Plus from what I can understand, each week I need to type about what I learned in class ( and I”m pretty sure it can’t be something like this : ‘Dear Internet, today I learn that teachers are powerful and scary. Do not provoke them at all cost.’). In addition, I have to type 500 words a month. ( might not be all that hard if I either A. spam this blog everyday or B. post one GIGANTIC LOOOOONG post one day per week.)  On top of all of that, each post needs a picture and a well written title.(I’m going to try drawing my own pics because it’s fun and people won’t scream at me for stealing their artwork if I forgot to give credit…) Finally, with the cherry on top, I need to show concern for my audience as in my posts need/should be well thought out, good interactivity and all of that. ( which is wonderful for I might be one of the most socially awkward people on the internet. I mean seriously, I can’t even write a nice comment on someone’s art on Deviant Art without having to have edit it 10 times. And worse of all it’s not like the comment is even that long or meaningful for crying out loud!). I guess the only thing I can do/say about this is :


All I can to do is just grab the blog by the horns and hope it doesn’t gouge me like a bull. ( Besides working really hard on it and give it all my love and dedication… )          


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