There’s a really cool instrument that I found out about called  Teacarina . It’s a mix between a tea cup and a ocarina . For those of you who don’t know what an ocarina is, an ocarina is a wind instrument that is traditionally made from clay/ceramic ( thought other materials can be used as well). The Teacarina is quite unique for its shape isn’t the one you’ll typically see nor think of. Plus it actually functions as both teacup and ocarina so you can literally play “I’m a little tea cup” while drinking some tea ! Here are two videos if you want to see for yourself: ( This first video belongs to STL Ocarina) . ( This second video belongs to Michelle Tennant.  In this video , you can see that they do have  tea inside the the Teacarina yet are still able to play it.

The best thing yet about the Teacarina is that they are pretty cheap compared to other ocarinas ( except for the ocarinas that are made out of plastic ) and they come in a range of four colors that are quite pretty. If you want to find out more about the Teacarina you can go here :


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