Dear Fellow Bloggers, * week 3*


Sorry for being so inactive this week ! I fought another round of boxing with school and it knocked out three of my teeth. Other then that , I think I’m fine .

Oh come on ! I don’t remember it being that bad!


Hmmm… then again, I don’t remember what year this is now . I guess you can say… I got schooled.

This week I read ” Antigone” in class , and after reading it got me thinking . Are you a good person for helping your family even if it means going against the law or are you a good person by not helping your family but instead following the law. Antigone and her sister Ismene demonstrate the two sides of this argument. Antigone represents the ‘help the family out’ side and Ismene representing ‘ following the rules’ side. Antigone argues with her sister that they should go against the law and bury their brother while Ismene argues that they shouldn’t and instead follow the law.  Whose’s the ‘good guy’ in this argument? In my opinion, no one is . Why you ask ? Well, let’s take a closer look at both of the girl’s side.

From what ” Oedipus at Colonus” has shown us, Antigone values family very much. She had stayed with Oedipus for a long amount of time to take care of him until his death, and when she met Ismene and Polynices , she was overjoyed and spoke in a very kind and loving manner to both of them. Even when Oedipus was overcome with bitterness and hatred towards  Polynices’ treachery, never once did Antigone ever thought negatively about her brother, almost to the point where it appeared that she’s not even aware of what he did to their own father. Yet in ” Antigone” when her dear sister Ismene refuses to help bury Polynices , we see a new side of Antigone. She becomes scornful and bitter to her own sister for not wanting to help bury Polynices, which seems quite out of character for her , regarding that she was still very kind and loving towards him, even thought he had forsaken Oedipus and left him to live the life as an exile.( In my opinion, Ismene and Polynices did very similar actions but got different reactions from Antigone. They both refused to ‘give love’ towards a family member in their time of need because they were following the law, but while Antigone adored Polynices to the end even thought he did noting against Oedipus’ exile nor help him during his banishment , she openly scorned Ismene for not wanting to help bury their brother. Does she have something against her sister ? Who knows). Overall, her morals are based off the concept of being a good daughter and sister. Does this make her a good family member ? Of course ! But does this make her a good member of society ? Not really… Just think about if. If Polynices or Oedipus had been a dangerous criminal instead and she decided to help them because they’re her family, is she really doing a good deed? By protecting them, she’s endangering the lives of other people for it allows them to have a greater leeway do what they please.

Ismene on the hand, values family as well but not to such a degree in where she will harm herself for her family. From what they gave us in ” Oedipus at Colonus”, Ismene was off doing her own thing in Thebes but when she heard about the prophecy about her father,she rode to Colonus to give him the news personally. This shows that she does care about her family and isn’t as heartless as Antigone views her. However, there’s a fine, fine line on how far she will go for her family. Even thought she loves her family, she isn’t willing to do things that will harm her in the process. When Antigone asks her to help bury Polynices, Ismene recognizes the authority of the law, and the consequences of breaking itto bury her brother, so she refuses . Yet, she isn’t  ‘selfish’ as Antigone thinks she is. Ismene frantically tries to persuade Antigone not to act out her plan, fearing greatly for her sister’s well-being.  Overall, it is clear that Ismene is not one to flirt with danger, instead playing it safe even if it means abandoning love ones. Does this make her a good family member ? Of course not. She’s puts herself first before her family, making sure that she’s going to be safe before acting. But does this make her a good member of society ? Yes, indeed. Let’s think about that previous example about Polynices being a dangerous criminal again. Because Ismene is refusing to help him, she hinders his ‘process’ and makes it harder for him to reach his diabolical goals. In a way, by refusing to aid him, she is protecting the lives of other people for it limits his ‘free time’ to plan and act.

In the end, both girls are both heroes and villains of the story, depending on your view on them .  Basing your opinion off on your morals, you might view one sister as the more honorable one because you sympathize with them more easily .It really just depends on how you feel about their mind-set.

From your Faithful Student,

-Mouse Spark


WHY DIDN’T YOU DO IT !?! Because I forgot ! D:

Wow, right now I feel like a total idiot for forgetting to do an online assignment from my English class. We were suppose to talk about what other blogs we were interested in, how we want to improve our own blog , and which blogs we think will become popular. How did I find out I forgot it ? By reviving  an email stating that assignment has been graded .

Base on a true story

ImageExcept for the ending.

The worst thing about it ? There’s no one to blame besides myself. It was my fault that I totally didn’t remember about this assignment and there’s no scapegoat to be found.Plus the funny thing is, there was no good reason why I forgot. The world wasn’t ending, there wasn’t an ax murder after me, and it wasn’t like I was out saving the day. I simply just forgot.(( too bad the excuse ‘ i forgot’ never works. Like ever.)) What’s worse  is that EVERYONE else remembered and did the assignment. So now, I’m all alone on my little island of shame because my brain couldn’t keep a memo of having to to do that assignment. ( note to self : write down assignments on physical paper. That should help)

* Shark not included with island set. Sold seperatly.*


Now, If you excuse me, I’m going to go cry in the inside now.

Dear Fellow Bloggers, *week 2*


Sorry guys , but this week post will be pretty short because I’m beat from all of this schoolwork I’m receiving . This week seemed to have been bombarded with tests and there wasn’t a bomb shelter in sight.

Gah, I don’t like action movies anymore ! Explosions are bad ! Bad !


*disclaimer: No ponies were harm in the making of this picture XD. Plus this picture merely represent how tired/stress out I am from school work and noting else. And the red stuff isn’t blood. It’s the original sketch that I couldn’t erase*

Moving on from that, this week I learned that you should be wary of how people act towards you for it might be just a cover up so they can take advantage of you. A good example of this is Creon from “Oedipus at Colonus”. In one part of the scene, Creon acts all kind and friendly towards Oedipus because he wanted to lure Oedipus back to their home-city. He spoke gently towards Oedipus, acting all sympathetic to both him and his daughter.  But right after Oedipus refuses, Creon drops the acts and uses force to get his way with Oedipus before shouting vile insults towards Oedipus and his mother. This scene clearly shows that Creon wasn’t exactly the friend Oedipus thought he had .

From the story ” Oedipus at Colonus”, one lesson can be found and that lesson is to never really trust anyone for they might be that ‘back-stabber’ whose’s waiting to strike at your moment of weakness.

So, anybody else stress out this week/weekend ?

– From Your Faithful Student,


My feelings about Korra… *spoilers involved !*

Hello there ! Recently I was watching reviews/analyses about the cartoon show, ” Legend of Korra”. While watching these videos, I scrolled down to read the comments and I found something surprising : How much people hate Korra, the character.  From what I can understand, many people hate Korra because of the way she acts in the show and the things she does. They see her as a major stupid jerk who is spoiled, always get her ways and is just a colossal bimbo. Personally for me , I LOVE her for being like this.

” WHAT !?” you scream angrily while sending death glares at me.

rage of the fandom

(Picture might not be accurate representation)

Well let me explain. , In my opinion, I see her as a unique main character who you rarely see in tv shows,books,etc.  Usually in any story, the main character/hero is  almost always more noble, powerful,wise,optimistic,etc. compared to the supporting cast. Basically , they are portrayed as superior to the other characters but not in a way where they become “Mary sues” or ” Gary Sues” but more superior as a person . They’ll usually be the one with higher morals, have a good personality , almost always making the right choices, never making any major mistakes, is a good companion, and all that. A good example of this ideal hero is Naruto from the Naruto franchise. He’s noble, kind , friendly, powerful ,has good morals, and is a great friend. He’s basically an idol who real people look up to and  inspire to be , a good/better person. Korra on the other hand, doesn’t reach the expectations of an ideal hero. She’s rash, stubborn, aggressive, violent , a bit arrogant , overly-emotional, blunt, immature, and quite a horrid friend/girlfriend.  Korra’s the type of person you wouldn’t really dream of becoming like. Compare to the other characters of the show, she’s  inferior to them as a person. However, her flawed behavior makes me find her more interesting and believable  than most other main characters from other franchises  because you can’t tell if she has what it takes to save the day from the way she acts * which I find quite rare* and whether she’ll improve as a person. Usually if there is any doubt in the hero’s ability to save the day , it’s because the threat they are facing is very powerful or because the hero doesn’t have the self-confidence to believe in themselves. I haven’t really found  a character who is similar to Korra  in that they want to do good for this world but usually make things worse because of their personality and actions.It’s refreshing to have a main character who’s not the most wonderful person ever who you would love to be friends in real life but instead have a main character whose more of that Alpha jerk who you might not like at all.

Korra ? Why u such a jerk ?

korra deal with it

Well now…. that wasn’t very nice 

”  Hey wait a minute !” you exclaimed while frowning . “Anti-heroes don’t have the qualities of an ideal hero but people still love them and most people don’t hate them ! What’s the deal with Korra !?” Yes, that is true, but there is a big difference between Korra and the anti-heroes out there.  The anti-heroes are allowed to act the way they do is because their role in the story is not to be the ideal hero. They are not excepted to be good people. They’re excepted to do whatever it takes to do the right thing. Korra’s problem is that her actions are too similar to that of an anti-hero ( seriously , she threaten to kill a man brutally if he didn’t give her information) but her role in the series is that she needs to be the Avatar, a powerful, and wise being capable of bring balance and peace without causing more trouble to the world, something she isn’t capable of yet. Her role as the avatar quickly makes her brutal and violent actions seem barbaric and crude for we placed her with higher expectations to be more like Aang, the most detailed example  Avatards have of what the Avatar is suppose to be like.  Had she not been the Avatar or the only Avatar we know off, I feel that a bit more people would have liked her because they could have viewed her as the “Bad-girl” who’s not afraid of doing reckless and dangerous things for the greater good.( or evil if you want.)

don't you dare double cross me

Seriously. Don’t double-cross her. Ever. She’ll feed you to Naga…

Something else I notice in the fandom is that Avatards are accusing her of being a “Mary Sue.”  At first,  I would have agreed with you , but now after watching all of season one and the current episode of season two that is out right now , I find her far from being a Mary Sue.  Yes, she did manage to know how to bend three of the four elements at age four but it doesn’t mean she’s the best out there. She had her butt whooped by Amon and the equalists  in season 1 and two dark spirits have defeated her as well in season 2. Let’s not forget about Desna and Eska, her cousins, who appear to be as good or even better at waterbending then she is. It also appears that Korra hasn’t actually mastered air bending for Tenzin had mention that it was time that Korra learns real air bending instead of  just using her own style.  ” But what about the Avatar State !? She goes into that state on a flip of switch various times ! Isn’t that Mary sue !?” you asked raising an eybrow.  Well,from what I’ve seen of what she can actually do in the avatar state : No , I don’t see that as something that makes Korra a Mary sue. Why ? Well comparing to what Aang has done in the Avatar state to what Korra has done, I have to say Aang is much more of a powerhouse than Korra. His bending appears to be amplified greatly , allowing him to create much more powerful and advance attacks even if he can’t activate the avatar state at will. Korra on the other hand, can active the avatar state at will but can’t generate the advance attacks Aang does. I see this is has a fair trade that keeps Korra from being too powerful. Also another thing that keeps Korra from straying into ” Mary Sue territory” is her impulsiveness and being very impatient. A great example of these two flaws hers is in season 2 where she basically causes a giant mess of because of her hot-headiness . She basically brushes Tenzins off for Unalaq because she felt she would have better results in her learning if she had Unalaq as her mentor. She also quickly snaps at her father even thought she didn’t really take the time to understand nor explore more of her father’s backstory. Let’s not forget  the time when she nearly died because her first instinct to open a spiritual portal is to attack it ( repeatedly) before realizing she had to go the avatar state to open it when she was just only moments away from death. The greatest example of this flaw of her is when she started a civil war between the northern and southern water tribes, before quickly joining the southern water tribe’s side and quickly becoming eager to help supply troops and weapons to fight the northern water tribe instead of trying to stay neutral and solving the situation calmly and peacefully how a reco. Basically, she’s doing her job wrong.

I’m pretty sure almost everyone has felt this way before once or twice (maybe even more) when watching Legend of Korra.



Even then, I’m pretty sure almost everyone from every fandom has felt this way before when witnessing a character mess up or do something stupid.


In the end, I really like Korra for the way she is portrayed : A powerful girl with a bad attitude who has the weight of the world on her shoulders. It’s nice to have the main character not  be all confident and wise about their duties for once, but instead have the main character be immature, naive, and uncertain about the task they need to do and how to do it.

(Remember, Korra hasn’t been in the ‘Avatar business’ for that long. Even though she did receive training throughout her childhood/life, it appears to be more focused on her fighting techniques than about how to solve the world’s problems)

So… what are your thoughts about Korra ?

Dear fellow bloggers, *week 1*

what i learn

This week I read ” Oedipus at Colonus” in class and I noticed something kinda strange. In the story, blind old Oedipus is taken care of by Antigone, his DAUGHTER. What is so strange about this you ask ? Well, at  that in the end of ” Oedipus Rex” Oedipus tells his friend Creon to take care of his daughters, Antigone and Ismene, because they are women thus ‘little fragile flowers’ and that his sons didn’t need to be taken care of all  because they’re guys and do’ll just fine. So after reading ” Oedipus Rex” I concluded that Oedipus’ girls would live an easy life at home. Instead, I found out that Antigone had went  with Oedipus to take care of him which is far from the life at home.Depending on how long she had stayed with him, it could mean she fought off wild animals, bandits, and who know what for years to protect Oedipus. Considering that she most likely didn’t receive any training in fighting nor had she had any fighting experiences before leaving with Oedipus, I have to say, that is pretty impressive that she manage to keep both herself and her father alive for so long. Also, Antigone would have to have some knowledge about plants,hunting and water to supply food and water for Oedipus and herself for I’m pretty sure a blind man and a young woman wouldn’t be able to travel fast enough on foot to reach town after town to resupply their food  and water supply regularly. It’s seems most likely that during the periods when they were on a road between two towns and out of food or water, Antigone would have to go out into a wilderness to gather it herself.  Also, Antigone would most likely  have to have some medical knowledge as well just in cause either she or Oedipus gets injured throughout their wandering. It also seems very likely that Antigone has a witty tongue because Oedipus might get into all sorts of trouble because of his wild temper.

Writing all of that had just made me realize how though Antigone has to be to take care of her farther all the way to old age. I guess the morale of this post is that sometimes the people you  excepted to be there for you won’t be in your time of need , while someone else who you never really excepted or thought of will stick by your side faithfully.

From your Faithful Student,


Time to get serious…. * cracks knuckles*

To be honest, I had only created this blog because I was required to make one for my English class. At first i thought this assignment was going to be some kind of project where it wouldn’t be that major and that I could be lazy and causal about it.  Turns out I was wrong, very very wrong.Today my teacher sent us the guidelines for the blogs we have to do and while reading them I went ‘ HOLY SMOKES!’ as I realize that all of the things I had posted on this blog didn’t reach the requirements at all. For starters, I can’t be lazy and casual about what I post anymore because the posts are going to be graded. Plus from what I can understand, each week I need to type about what I learned in class ( and I”m pretty sure it can’t be something like this : ‘Dear Internet, today I learn that teachers are powerful and scary. Do not provoke them at all cost.’). In addition, I have to type 500 words a month. ( might not be all that hard if I either A. spam this blog everyday or B. post one GIGANTIC LOOOOONG post one day per week.)  On top of all of that, each post needs a picture and a well written title.(I’m going to try drawing my own pics because it’s fun and people won’t scream at me for stealing their artwork if I forgot to give credit…) Finally, with the cherry on top, I need to show concern for my audience as in my posts need/should be well thought out, good interactivity and all of that. ( which is wonderful for I might be one of the most socially awkward people on the internet. I mean seriously, I can’t even write a nice comment on someone’s art on Deviant Art without having to have edit it 10 times. And worse of all it’s not like the comment is even that long or meaningful for crying out loud!). I guess the only thing I can do/say about this is :


All I can to do is just grab the blog by the horns and hope it doesn’t gouge me like a bull. ( Besides working really hard on it and give it all my love and dedication… )          


I just want to say that I am seriously loving Steam right now. Not the steam that is made when water gets heat up but the Steam made by the Valve Corporation . There are so many games to choose from  and some of the games are free ! (for example, team fortress 2 and Super crate box).  Second of all, there are demos for a lot of games  that I didn’t except to have like half-life 2 and sniper-elite v2 . Third of all , they have more older games besides the current video games  like Saint row 2 and Half life . Plus, it’s really easy to use and doesn’t lag my lap top !  Hooray for Steam !