Crouching song, hidden earworm.

Have you ever had a moment where you can’t stop listening to this one song even though you’re not much of a fan of the artist or the song’s meaning is just decent and isn’t really meaningful to you ? Well right now that moment is happening to me.The song ” Counting Stars” by One Republic is being an ear worm and is forcing me to reply that song on youtube over and over again. Strange enough, I don’t even like One Republic that much,  the only song I like from them is ” Too late to apologize” ( even then I listen to that song to a minimum) . I’m pretty sure the only reason I keep replaying ” Counting Stars” over and over again is because of its catchy beat and tune . If you want to listen to the song then click on this link :

(( the video is not mine btw, it belongs to Sheyla7555))


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